pkf kickboxing rules

1. Competitors are required to wear and provide their own footgear, shinguards, groincup and mouthpiece to prevent injury to themselves and their opponents.  Women may wear chest protectors and all amateurs must wear headgear.

2. All rounds will be two (2) minutes in duration with a one (1) minute rest period between each round.

3. All punches must be landed only with the gloved portion of the hands above the wrist.

4. All the kicks in the American Kickboxing Divisions may be landed above the wrist to the hand and the front part of the body.  In the Oriental Kickboxing Divisions Kicks may be landed to the inner and the outer thigh region above the knee.

5. Striking with the head, knees or elbows to the back of the head, neck, throat, joints and spinal area is prohibited in the American Kickboxing Divisions.  In the Oriental Kickboxing division only knees to the stomach and chest are allowed.

6. Judo and wrestling throws are not allowed in the American Kickboxing Division.  Throws and sweeps are allowed in the Oriental Kickboxing Division.

7. Intentional holding on behalf of either fighter will result in a warning and thereafter in a point deduction in the American Kickboxing Division.  Holding to set up a throw will be allowed in the Oriental Kickboxing    Divisions.

8. Each fighter must land a minimum kick requirement of ten (10) hard kicks per round.

9. Bouts will be scored on the 10-point must system.  Ten (10) points to the winner of a round and nine(9), eight (8) or seven (7) points to the loser of the round.  Both fighters will receive ten (10) points if the round is even.

10. Eight (8) counts are issued on Knockdowns.  The standing 8-count and the 3-knockdown rules are in effect.

11. Fouls will be penalized by a one (1) point deduction at the discretion of the referee.  Fighters will lose one (1) point for each kick below the minimum kick requirement each round.

12. A match can only be stopped at the discretion of the referee, doctor or if a fighter's corner throws in the towel.

13. No fighter can be saved by the bell, except in the last round.

14. Any foul language or disrespect for the rules and/or the referee by a fighter and/or corner will result in disqualification from the tournament.