professional kickboxing and kage fighting federation

The Professional Kickboxing and Kage fighting Federation (PKF) is an East Coast sanctioning body established by Kyoshi Jonas Nunez Jr., 9th Degree Black Belt and head instructor of America's Finest Mixed Martial Arts Academies.  With a total of 30 divisions, which includes women, the PKF has structured opportunities for amateur and professional fighters to compete in the sport of kickboxing and cage fighting on a regular basis.  

PKF fighter's requirements

1. All fighters must be certified by the PKF in order to compete.

2. Fighters must be 18 years of age or older.  If under 18 years of age, the 

    permission application must be signed by the fighter's parent or legal 

    guardian for permission to compete in the sport of kickboxing or cage fighting.

3. The application must be signed and stamped by a notary public in order to 

    make the application a legal document.

4. All fighters must have a complete medical form from their doctor giving them 

    permission to compete in kickboxing or cage fighting.  All doctors fees are to 

   paid by the applicant.

5. All fighters will be divided into two (2) categories:

        a) Amateur Division - any amateur fighter fifteen (15) or less fights.

        b) Professional Division - any fighter with fifteen (15) or more amateur 

            fights, and any fighter who has been paid to fight.

fighter's benefits

1. Amateur - Individuals competing under eliminational events will 

                     have an opportunity to fight and be ranked among the

                     Top Ten competitors in their division.  Both winner and

                     the finalist will be given medals or trophies.  Winners of

                     Amateur titles will be given a championship belt.

2. Professional -  Both winner and finalist will receive medals or 

                    trophies and a cash prize.  Winners of title matches will 

                    receive a championship belt and cash prize.  Both 

                    winner and finalist will be ranked among the top ten 

                    competitors in their divisions. 

3. Certification and ranking with the Professional Kickboxing and 

                   Kage Fighting Federation (PKF).

4. The chance to compete both nationally and internationally in 

                   kickboxing events.